Sidemount kitX-TechX-Tech

Venturi vacuum 
& Inhalation resistance control.
The maximum adjustment range.

Pneumatically Balanced.
Natural breathing, like ever felt.

Ready for any conditions. 
Even the worst.

Silicone mouthpiece.
Comfortable for mouth and for jaw.


5th Port.
5 Low pressure and 2 Hight pressure ports.
Exactly what you need for SideMount.

360° Swivel turret.
Every hose always on his place.
So Natural.

Constant and effortless air flow 
unaffected by changing tank pressure. 



The coldest water is not a problem.


snodo 90°safety release

90 Fixed degree elbow 
and Bungee necklace.
X-Tech II° stage is always where it has to be.

Carabiner with Safety Release.
Your emergency breakaway.

fruste e manometri

Pressure gauges and Hoses.
Hose for X-Tech, hose for jacket, 
hose for dry-suit and pressure gauges with hoses.

Every hose you need for SideMount,
with the right size and thickness.


x-tech sidemount kit



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