World's unique.

Advanced Free-dive mode.
Specific control for hemoptysis and taravana,
detailed logbook and more.
Desire of every true free-diver.


Dive modes Advanced Free-dive, Air, Nitrox.
Mix 1
Case Stainless Steel
Top Glass Mineral
(Sapphire on demand)
Display resolution 80x80 pixel
Max Depth 220 mt



Taravana and Hemoptysis Control.

The only one.



The iDive free monitors each single dive run and calculates the minimum recovery time between the dive runs.

It can be even customized by the freediver to face its physical requirements. 

The iDive Free is able to reduce at minimum the hemoptysis risk, by guiding the freediver in the very first dive runs of the free dive session, indicating which is the maximum depth that he can reach for that run.

Even this control can be customized on the freediver requirements.

The best performance with the maximum safety.



Real-Time Algorithm.


iDive Real time

Calculation of your real profile.

Usually dive computer algorithms make interpolation of stored data to calculate decompression profiles of the dive profile made by the diver. A cheap way to do it, but you have to adapt your dive to the profiles stored in the dive computer..

The iDive series instead integrates the real and complete Algorithm to calculate tissue saturation and afterwards decompression profile in real time. This allows to obtain automatically very optimized and very safe decompression profiles.

The iDive is not more nor less conservative respect other computers.
It is just "right".



Big Characters


schermo a confronto

It reads just fine.

The immersion's data of the screen of the iDive are from 15% to 30% larger than any other watch-computer.

With user-settable backlight (in duration and power) and are well readable for everyone. 






Caratteri GrandiSize does matter. 









Weather forecast and altimeter. 


No one can control the weather, but we can forecast it.



Ready for everything.


idive compass

Lots of instruments on your wrist.

To the scuba diving ... and beyond!.





It always point to North even if it is not perfectly in horizontal position, because of its integrated accelerometer.







The iDive accelerometer indicates your grade, on both vertical and horizontal axis.






Automatic altitude balance for depth diving (and more).






If the atmospheric pressure increases, the weather is getting better, if it decreases, the weather is getting worse.






In both Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees.





Lunar Phases.

New, Waxing, Full.
Full, Waning, New.





Ready, Steady, Go!
Visualise partial times as well as the lap time.





With date and day of the week.





Repetitives and Reverses

Calculates everything



Multiple dives a day, in consecutive days, maybe followed by a flight.

After the dive the Idive continues to calculate the desaturation time taking in account every variation in ambiente pressure, to assure you to face the next dive in complete safety and even to prepare you for your flight. 

The hardest challenge for an algorithm, achieved better than the others.

All DiveSystem diving computers implement latest guide lines on no-fly time dictated by DAN Research. DiveSystem actively collaborates with DAN for the continuous improvement of research. 

More information about DAN Flying Bubbles



Rechargeable battery.

No more battery changes.

20 days of autonomy in watch mode or 25 hr in dive mode...

... and it recharges each time is connected to a USB. 

Home, PC, car or boat doesn't make any difference. 

The advantages of rechargeable battery:

  • You avoid the annual "Chage of Battery Tax".

  • No risk of wear, humidity or seepage owing to the battery change.
    (have you ever noticed that after the first replacement, the battery change becomes more frequent?)

  • You can use all computer functions without worrying about battery exhaust.

  • You can reload anywhere you can find an USB port.
    (Have you ever tried to change batteries at the Maldives?)


power supply


20 days
in watch-mode


25 hr in dive-mode
in dive-mode



The Best Materials.

Un gioiello della tecnica.

cassaAll raw materials are expression of Italian Excellence,
from the 316L stainless steel case, to the electrical circuit, till the carbon cover.

This is not Plastic, this is Stainless Steel.

The rubber strap and the included extension are first quality,
long-lasting and Made in Italy.

Besides, the iDive is compatible with all straps with 22 mm pin.


cassa iDive




Proudly Made in Italy within DiveSystem.

Made in Italy, within DiveSystem's laboratory.

To ensure the highest standard quality, design, development, assembly and testing of each iDive model are strictly made in DiveSystem Electonic Division. 

The Dive System Electronic Lab is located within Dive System premises in Massa Marittima. 

Each iDive product is tested in a hyperbaric chamber before leaving the production department.

This is the real "Made in Italy"




made in Italy





iDive Free



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