The Black Ice is made with 3,5 mm HD Neoprene with Duratex® outer lining and, for the areas of greatest wear, a Supratex® layer.

High density neoprene foam 3,5mm, with Duratex® outer lining
Hand glued and blind-stitched seams, sealed on the inside with heavy duty polymer, Aquasure®

Reinforced peds in Supratex® on shoulders and knees

Smooth skin neoprene neck seal 3,5 mm (latex on demand)
Smooth skin neoprene wrist seals 3,5 mm (latex on demand)
High density neoprene socks with Duratex® outer lining, sole and instep in Supratex® (boots on demand)

Shoulder-entry zipper, protected by Duratex® flap
Swivel inflate valve with no-protruding button
Adjustable and automatic exhaust valve

Neoprene pockets (included)
Separate neoprene hood (included)
Bag for dry suit (included)
Quick connect LP hose (included)
Speleo-boots (included)
Adjustable internal suspenders (on demand)

Groin zipper (optional)



Black Ice



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